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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dark Form - Chapter 3

 I would have gone on believing that what happened to me was a dream if I didn’t wake up feeling so strange. 
 I was hungry like I’d never been before.  You hear people talk about being so hungry they could eat a horse…well I swear, I would have let a horse have it that morning.  Never mind the fact that I usually try to avoid meat.
 Despite being so hungry that it felt like my insides were digesting itself…the morning pee was first priority. 
 I went into the bathroom, handled my business and washed my hands as usual.  
 I looked up and saw myself in the mirror; noticing that I looked like I had been through hell. 
 That wasn’t unusual for me, though…I’m not exactly a morning person, so looking crappy in the AM wasn’t nothing new.  
 But there was something wrong.  Something in the mirror caught my attention, but it took me a minute trying to figure out what it was. 
 Then I saw it…
 Right there on my neck were two spots….like two big ass mosquito bites without the itching and swelling. At first I thought it was just ink…so I rubbed and rubbed at them, but they weren’t going away. 
 I used soap, I tried alcohol…hell, I even tried rubbing some deodorant on the spots, but they stayed right where they were. 
 I started thinking that I had grown a couple of new moles overnight.  I’d been spending a lot of time in the sun, so I figured maybe I should go and get those spots checked out…just in case.
 I was so focused on the damn spots, that I almost forgot how hungry I was.  That is until it hit me full force.  If I didn’t eat soon, I was sure I would pass out. 
 I needed to make something quick, so I grabbed the ingredients for an omelet; thinking that you can never go wrong with an omelet. 
 I walked to the counter and just for one second, I stared down at those two raw eggs and butter and thought about just eating it all raw, right then and there…shells and all.
 I shook my head to remove that crazy impulse from my mind. 

 “Girl…you are really starting to lose your shit!” I said to myself as I cracked the eggs, added them to a bowl and began stirring. 
 The thought left, but I was a little scared that I would even be tempted to do something like that.  Was I going crazy? 
 I stood there with pan in hand, mindlessly stirring the eggs…trying to convince myself that I was just feeling a bit stressed  when I felt a sudden surge of warmth on my face. 
 My darn omelet was on fire.  Luckily, even without thinking…impulse made me remove them from the burner.
 But the fire wasn’t going out.  I turned off the burner and began to smother the flames with my spatula. 
 I felt mentally exhausted when the fire finally went out.  This was one of those mornings when I should have probably just gone back to bed. I couldn’t believe I’d almost started a fire.  I was always naturally a pretty good cook.  The last time I burned something while trying to cook was when I was about 9 years old. 
 “Get it together, girl,” I said to myself and I sat down with my omelet.  Despite the flames, after removing a few burnt parts …it was mostly still edible. 
 I was so hungry that I probably would have tried to eat it even if it was burnt to a crisp though, so I took a bite. 
 I instantly felt sick.  
 It was like I had suddenly developed a taste aversion to omelets just like I had to apple juice. 
 Once when I was little with the stomach flu, I kept vomiting after drinking apple juice.  To this day, I associate apple juice with vomit and I can’t even stand the scent of it. 
 It never happened with eggs though.  Eggs were like my favorite thing, but right now my stomach was churning and rumbling like that day with the apple juice. 
 I sat there until my insides calmed down a bit.  My stomach was sick, but I was still hungry.  If I didn’t know better…I would have thought I was pregnant, which God knows was impossible. 
 I didn’t even try to take another bite.  I stood up; thinking that I’d have to find something else to eat.  These eggs weren’t going to cut it. 
 I hate waste…especially the wasting of food, but there was no way I was going to take another bite of the omelet. 
 I walked straight over to the trash can and tossed it out without another thought.  I decided that I’d go out to eat. Surely there was something that I could eat that wouldn’t make my stomach feel like a southern thunderstorm.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Dark Form - Chapter 2

 I’ve heard it said that people sometimes get premonitions before an event happens that changes them forever. 
 But there was nothing to warn me.  No racing heart beat, no goosebumps, no strange crows or ominous clouds in the sky. In fact, the day that I received the visitor was incredibly gorgeous.   
 So much so, Lizzie and I decided it was the perfect day to head to Center Park and go fishing. 
 Fishing was one of our favorite pastimes. The act of casting a line and waiting for something to bite was incredibly relaxing for us.  
 It was one of the things that bonded us.  We would talk and laugh for hours. 
 Lizzie talked to me about her incredibly stressful day at the hospital, where she had one of the most impossible patients.  And I talked to her about the fact that I’m in my mid-twenties and still don’t know exactly what I want to do with my life. 
 We stayed out there for hours that day. 
 Eventually, Lizzie had to get home to relieve her babysitter.  So, I was left alone.
 That didn’t deter me though.  I stayed out there wondering how I could start getting paid as a professional fisherwoman. 
 Eventually, good luck rained on me and I caught a huge fish. 
 I wasn’t about to stop at just one though.  I cast my line once again hoping for the best. 
 But this time I came up short.  All I managed to catch was somebody’s broken discarded jewelry box.  
 Eventually, hunger took over and I put away my fishing pole and went in search of something to eat. 
 I loved Chinese food, so I was thrilled to see that the booth was opened.

“You caught me right on time.  I was just about to close up for the day.”

“Well, before you do that…I’d like an order of sweet and sour eggplant, please.” 
 The attendant grabbed a serving.  My mouth was watering just looking at the plate. 
 I paid for my order and sat down at one of the nearby tables with chopsticks in hand. 
 Unfortunately, chopsticks were the bane of my existence, but I was determined to learn to use them!  My whole goal was to be able to impress Lizzie with my new skill.  It didn’t take me long to realize that it wasn’t going to happen any time soon, though. 
 Half of my food ended up falling back on my plate and I resorted to using the chopstick as sort of a sword and stabbed at the food. When that didn’t work…I just held the plate up and raked food into my mouth; silently cursing myself for not grabbing a fork before the booth closed for the day. 
 I eventually managed to eat enough to satisfy my hunger. 
 After my very early dinner, I took a quick walk through the park.  I knew it would be dark in only about an hour, so I wanted to enjoy the sunshine for as long as I could.  
 My last few moments in the park that day were spent lying on the ground, watching the clouds.  I wasn’t nearly ready to go home, but Center Park wasn’t exactly the type of place you wanted to be caught alone after dark. 
 I reluctantly headed home and drew myself a warm bath. 
 That night, when it was dark outside and my vivid multicolored world turned dim, loneliness began to set in. 
 I imagined Lizzie and her happy family eating dinner next door and talking about their day.  
I wouldn’t say that I was envious of her and her family…it just highlighted to me that a family of my own was something that I would love to have one day. 
 I only allowed myself to participate in my little pity party for a little while. I stepped out of the bathtub and changed into my pajamas.
 I walked into the kitchen and air popped some popcorn; thinking to myself that lonely nights were the perfect nights for a good movie. 
 I watched the kernels pop…almost hypnotized as they completely changed form, with no memory of what they were before becoming my evening snack.  

With my hot and buttery popcorn in hand, I walked over to the couch, ready to find the perfect film to end my night. 
I flipped through the channels until I settled on the first movie that caught my eye.  A cheesy zombie horror film. 
 Had I known what would happen to me later…I probably would have chosen something else to watch, although deep down I knew that my choice of film had nothing to do with my ultimate fate.  
 It’s funny how when we are watching horror movies…we always know what we would do in the same situation.  Never mind that half of us would freeze up…just like the person portrayed in the film.
 Still, I was never above yelling at the TV as I watched. “Run!  Don’t stop and look around!  Get outta there – damn…too late.”
 The movie ended.  I grabbed my bowl and walked over to the kitchen. 
 I washed my single dish which probably took all of 10 seconds…one of the perks of being single and living alone.
 As I walked into my bedroom…a few scenes from the movies got a hold of my sometimes overly active imagination and had their way with it.  I thought to myself, maybe I should have chosen a romance movie instead. 
I crawled into bed and allowed sleep to take over only moments before it happened.

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