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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Dark Form - Chapter 16

 Doobie’s response was incredibly loud and unexpected. She threw her hands in the air as if in worship and shouted, “I knew it!  By the Observer, I knew it. People called me nuts for years, but I held fast to my faith and now it finally pays off!”
 “What?  I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you mean.  You knew what?”
 “I knew that you all couldn’t be gone! After all of these years, I figured at least one of you would resurface. So are you a hundred percenter or only a fifty - wait! Don’t tell me, let me guess.  I’d say a fifty percenter!” 
 I had to stop her there. “Wait, what? I don’t get what any of that means.  I don’t even know for sure what’s going on with me.”

“In that case, follow me…I know of a simple test.” Doobie turned and started heading to the foyer.

I followed, wanting answers, “What is a fifty percenter?”
 “A fifty percenter is someone who’s been turned into a vampire by another vampire.  You see…there are three types of vampires.  Hundred percenters or ‘true vampires’ are born into their vampirism from a mother who is a vampire. Their father may or may not be a vampire, but as long as they spent their gestation period inside of a vampire...nourished by the blood of humans, they are considered one hundred percent…even if their mom is only a fifty percenter.  A seventy percenter is also born, but are not born from a vampire mother.  Their vampire genes come from only their father. Some may argue that there is a 4th type of vampire…a master vampire who is born from two parents that were born into vampirism, but in my opinion…that makes things more complicated than it needs to be.”  
 I was thoroughly confused, “Yeah, it sounds complicated enough already. What’s the test?”

Doobie didn’t answer right away.  Instead, she stepped in front of the large mirror in the foyer, before finally speaking. “All I need you to do is step in front of this mirror.”

This lady was getting nuttier and nuttier by the minute.  “Why?” I asked. “What type of test is that?”
 Doobie’s eyes never left the mirror as she spoke. “It’s all in your reflection.  If you can see your reflection, then you’re not a vampire.  But if you can’t, you are!  Simple as that!”
 “What?  Of course I have a reflection,” I argued.

“Well, come here and let’s see it.”

My stomach sank as I walked over and stood in front of Doobie.  It suddenly came to my attention that I hadn’t bothered to look in a mirror since the virus took over.  It wasn’t something that I avoided consciously.  I just hadn’t done it. I wondered if it was something that I was instinctively avoiding. 
 I didn’t even have to fully turn my head.  My peripheral vision was already showing me that Doobie’s was the only reflection in the mirror. 
 “You see?  You have no reflection.  You are in fact, a vampire.”

I wanted to be sick.  I was in denial: “But that’s only some made up lore.  That whole reflection thing can’t possibly be real.”
 Doobie stepped to the side to give me a moment for it all to sink in.  The longer I stared at the spot in the mirror where my reflection should have been, the less logical my argument became. 
 In a voice weakened by reality, I questioned Doobie further. “So what does this mean?” I asked.
 “It means exactly what you think it means, honey-”
 Doobie’s voice took on a sudden air of excitement as if she had reached an epiphany, “- you are a full-fledged vampire! From your reaction, and lack of knowledge, I’m guessing you weren’t born that way. Another vampire had to have turned you. Ode to the Observer! That means that there’s more than one of you! How delightful! Do you know who it was that turned you?”
 “No!” I turned to face her, growing more and more frustrated by the second.  She was gaining an awful lot of joy from my unfortunate predicament. “So, can you help me?  Your paper seemed to imply that you could help me with my thirst problem.  Is that true?”
 She thought about it for a few moments.  “Well…I suppose I do have something that can help you, at least in the short term.”

I wished she would just come out and say it, but it seemed that Doobie liked to string things along.  Right on cue, my thirst began to pick up.  I needed a quick answer from this woman, or I was afraid that she’d be a victim soon. I didn’t even try to hide my impatience. “What?  What can you offer me?”
 Doobie held out her hands and did a short dramatic dip, before continuing… “Me... you can drink from me!”
 I was astounded. “What? You want me to - drink your blood?” I was appalled, but the darkness stirred a bit at the thought. “I couldn’t do that!”
 Doobie rubbed her hands together, as she practically begged… “Oh, please do!  I’d be honored!  It’s been my lifelong dream to help nourish a real life vampire!”
 I had to clarify. “So you want me to bite you and,” I tried to swallow my repulsion before I repeated my question; hoping to get a different answer, “actually suck your blood?”
 She answered my question with two questions, “Wouldn’t that help you out?  What better way to satisfy your thirst, than by drinking from a willing fresh source?”
 I still had reservations, but the darkness did not.  The conscientious part of me seemed to be pushed to the background…screaming nooo, don’t do it’ for a while.  But as I stepped closer to Doobie and pulled her to where I could almost taste the regular vibrations of her pulse in the air… I felt almost intoxicated and the nonexistent voice retreated to the realm of the imagined.
 I wanted to taste her so bad. I moved in close…but when my teeth were mere inches away from her neck, I paused to ask one question, “What if I can’t stop?”

Her answer was breathy and almost matched the rhythm of her blood flow. “I trust you! You’ll know when to stop.”  
 The second my teeth pierced her skin…I realized something.  It wasn’t the darkness that had asked that question.  It wouldn’t have asked.  It was me… the real me.  
 The darkness no longer felt like a foreign invader.  For the first time, I realized that we had merged.  We weren’t two separate beings; we were one and the same. 

Somehow I felt some comfort in that as I allowed myself to freely suck Doobie’s blood.

Doobie moaned as if she was taking pleasure in the act.  I relaxed and allowed myself to enjoy it too.  There was a certain intimacy to it. 
 I was not afraid that I’d lose control and suck too much.  I was in full control. I always was in full control. The only thing that had changed was that I had let the internal struggle go. I’d finally conceded and accepted both parts of myself.
 I drank my fill and pulled away from Doobie. She let out another almost orgasmic moan.  I wiped away any left-over blood from my lips. 
 I smiled as warmness filled me from the inside.  I was satisfied... not just part of me, but my whole being.  I felt renewed, happy, as if this was some sort of baptism for my soul. 
 Doobie took a few unsteady steps and reentered her showroom. Her voice held the shaky cadence of someone heavily inebriated, “Tha…that, was…a…ama-zing!”  
 Then she slowly crumbled to the floor.  As I watched her fall, I let out a shout of fright, “Doobie! Are you okay?”
 I was afraid for just a moment, until I stepped close enough to see that I hadn’t killed her. She was still breathing.
 She had just fainted from losing so much blood so quickly.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Dark Form - Chapter 15

 By the next day, I knew something had to seriously change.  Either, I needed to figure out a solution to my thirst issues…or I’d be destined to a life of sucking the blood out of rats and small animals while trying to avoid other people whenever the thirst hit... for the rest of my "life".  I didn’t want that, so I took the first steps by placing rat traps around my apartment. I’d hate to become too reliant on the nasty little creatures. 
 That one tiny change made me feel hopeful.  I was raised to believe that if you channel your energies into the right places…your path will begin to alter to bring you closer to the things that you are seeking. I could already feel my path shifting.
 With that done, I turned my attention to the local news like many people were doing.  I imagine a lot of people in the city were closely following Dray’s case. 
 Of course, I was doing it for a different reason.  I still wasn’t 100% sure whether or not I was actually responsible for his death…so I was looking to see if there was any new evidence to implicate my guilt.
 I realized that I could have just asked Lizzie if there were any new leads, but until I had full control of my thirst, I knew it wasn’t safe to be around her. 
 So, I had no choice, but to rely on the media. 
 So far there was nothing pointing to me, so I went back to reading books. 
 I was flipping through a particularly thick volume.  I sat there, quickly scanning page after page; in desperate need of a shower and trying to stifle a series of yawns- 
 -when I finally caught a break. 
 A small slip of paper fluttered out of the book and landed near my feet.
 I almost missed it; thinking it was just a flying bug.  Something told me to check it out. 
 I dropped the book and looked down.  I could see that there was writing on it.
 I reached down to pick it up.  On one side, there was only one word; it resonated with me stronger than any other word in the English language could have.  All it said was… 

 My heart was pounding in my chest as I flipped the card over and read the other side.  This side had instructions -

Come to this address and ask for Doobie

- and an address in a place I’d never heard of called, Forgotten Hollow.
 I sat there for a few moments wondering if this was finally it.  Had I actually found a solution to my thirst?  I did my best to suppress the intense level of optimism that tried to creep up on me.  The last thing I needed was to place all my hope into one tiny sheet of paper. For all I knew the location listed on it might not even exist.  Or it could be a trap.
 Either way…I knew I had to check it out, so I got up to finally take a shower and get dressed.  I’d have to wait until nightfall, but that gave me plenty of time to try and figure out where Forgotten Hollow even was.  For all I knew, it could be halfway across the world. 
 To my surprise, Forgotten Hollow was only about an hour away by car. It was too far to walk…especially if I wanted to get there before it got too late. So although I could feel the first symptoms of thirst coming on…I had no choice but rely on a rideshare.

I barely succeeded in keeping the darkness at bay but managed to do so by only breathing through my mouth and listening to music through my earbuds.

I stepped out of the car and walked up the block to where the address on the card led me. 
 Initially I wasn’t sure whether I was standing in front of someone’s residence…or some type of shop.  The front yard looked like someone had taken the contents of their attic and just dumped it outside.

There were statues, an old couch, gnomes, what looked like old Halloween decorations and all sorts of things sitting in the seriously overgrown grass. The dust, rust and cobwebs told me that this stuff had been sitting there for years.
 It wasn’t until I got closer to the door that I saw a sign naming the place, ‘Ingram’s House of Curiosities’. I also saw another sign announcing products for sale…so I was confident that this was actually a place of business.  
 The door was unlocked, so I entered the shop and saw that there was an open doorway to my left.  I headed towards it. 
 I gasped when I stepped through and looked around.
 There was so much stuff all over the place, I didn’t know where to look.
 And wherever I did look…there were so many weird and random items in the area that I could stare at the same spot for several minutes and my eyes always landed on something new. 
 Then there was the smell…
 The shop was dank with a heavy, suffocating scent that screamed of wood left out in the rain so long that it began to mildew…then dry, only to get wet and mildew all over again.
 I walked further inside, holding my breath and trying my best not to trip on anything.

“Hello?” I called out. 
 There didn’t appear to be anyone in the shop other than a model of a skeleton (at least I hoped it was just a model) that seemed to be manning the cash register that no one could have actually gotten to, among the sea of merchandise…even if they tried. 
 I called out again- ”Hello!  I’m looking for someone by the name of Doobie!”
 I turned and walked towards the center of the shop-
still trying to hold my breath,
to keep myself from gagging. 
 Finally, I heard a door open and shut behind me.  I could hear someone coming towards me. I heard not only the footfalls, but the heartbeat.  The thirst was back.
 I could hear the surprise in the lady’s voice as she spoke out.  I’m guessing that she didn’t hear me calling, because she was almost startled when she saw me. “Oh…hi there!  Welcome to my shop of Curiosities.  How can I help you?”
 I turned and got a good look at her. She looked exactly the way you’d expect a person who ran a shop like this to look. 
 She had mismatched clothes that seemed right at home among the mixed up, bizarre and creepy items that filled her shop. Her hair was pinned up in an old-fashioned roll and she had scars on her face…leftover from what I imagined was a serious case of adolescent acne at one time in her life.

“Are you Doobie?” I asked…unwilling to take too much time with pleasantries and small talk. 
 Once again, she was surprised. “Oh! No one has called me that for years.  Do I know you?”

I already felt pressed for time, so her question really tested my patience. “No…I, uh found a slip of paper.  It fell out a book and directed me here.  It said to ask for Doobie!”
 “You did?” Doobie sounded confused.  “Are you sure?”
 My heart sank.  I was beginning to think this was going to turn out to be a big waste of time. 

“Yes!  On one side it said ‘thirsty’… and the other side had this address”.
 That seemed to ring a bell for her.  She snapped to attention so suddenly, that I stepped back startled. “Ode to the mighty Observer! I can’t believe this!”

I didn’t get what was happening. “You can’t believe what?”
 “You actually found my slip of paper…in a vampire tome, right?”

I answered with some hesitation. “Uh…yes.”

“I placed that there so many years ago…that I’d forgotten.  It’s a miracle!” Doobie looked around as if someone might overhear her and stepped one step closer…
 “So, are you…a vampire?”

I was so shocked by the question that I paused; not knowing what to say. Then I realized that if she actually left that note in the book, she could possibly help me. I answered in a way that felt right, “Yes, I believe so.”

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