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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Dark Form - Chapter 1

Before things changed so drastically for me…I always prided myself on being a good person. 
I was environmentally conscious. Things like recycling and reducing waste were important to me. 
So much so, that if I saw trash or someone’s discards laying around…I’d take it upon my myself to check for anything that could be reused. I hated to see anything go to waste. 
I even made it a point to do what I could for the world in other ways.  To fight against animal cruelty, I  considered giving up meat several times in my life.  My favorite place to shop was the local produce vender. 
Whenever he set up shop…I was there as one of his biggest and most loyal customers. 
 Overall, my life was pretty ordinary.  I lived in an apartment in the city with my best friend Lizzie living just across the hall with her husband and toddler son.
 Lizzie’s son was the sweetest little guy. His mother’s pretty green eyes threatened to steal your heart anytime he looked up at you. 
 I didn’t always know Lizzie. 
 But we became fast friends when I moved into the apartment.  
 Our love for the outdoors brought us together shortly after I moved in and we decided to begin taking walks around the neighborhood together.  
 I have to admit that I admired Lizzie and her family.  They seemed to really have it all. 
 Lizzie’s husband Dray was nice and we all hung out together from time to time.  He was a good husband and father. He and Lizzie seemed to have a lot of love for each other. 
 They made living in the city so much more pleasant.
 Our building was located in one of the older parts of town. My apartment wasn’t much to look at. I couldn’t afford to fix it up the way I wanted… 
 …but I had my plants and a few prized pieces of art that I was pretty proud of. 
 My favorite part of the whole place was not inside though. 
 It was the nice balcony outside. Although I lived in the city…it’s safe to say that I could never stand to be inside for long. 
 My happiness resided outdoors.  As long as I was able to get outside, I could work my way through any situation.
 On my worst days, all I needed was a big glass of iced tea…
 …and the sun on my face, everything would automatically be okay. 
 That is until, like I said… 
  …things changed.  

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dark Form - Prologue

It started off as what I thought was a dream…
 …but most would classify as a nightmare. 
 He moved through my house silently…hard bottom shoes on wood floors with no sound.
 A thief in the night, he made his way to my bedroom.
 But he wasn’t after money or jewels…
…but something much darker.

 Although I couldn’t hear him, I sensed that he was there. 
 And I woke up... silently... welcoming him.
 As if in a trance, I rose out of bed and went to him.
 He had full control of me and he knew it.
 His touch was shockingly frigid, but at the same time strangely a warm cup of cocoa and a chilly night rolled up into one. 
 He was frightening and unusual. He leaned in close to me; his icy breath, which smelled dank and ancient, was on my face.
 He began to kiss my neck. The part of me that was still cognizant and sane wanted to get far away from him…
 …but was silenced by a darker side of me that welcomed his kisses and his embrace. 
 A battle of panic vs. calm went on inside of me, but neither part of my consciousness had any power over this strange man.  
 His kisses soon turned into a painful pierce as his teeth seeped deep into my neck.  He began to suck my life force from me. I grew weaker and weaker with each deep swallow. 

Although I knew that he could easily kill me if he wanted…  
 I was helpless to stop him.
 Then it was my turn…he bit a gash into his own arm.  I felt parched and I eagerly bent down and drank the thick, metallic fluid.
 The thirst was unreal,  unimaginable, and unstoppable.  I could feel his blood as it made it’s way into my mouth, down my throat, and through my body.  It was sickening; feeling like I had swallowed tiny fingers that were now crawling all over my insides by way of my veins and arteries. 
 It felt like it went on forever. But after a time…it was over.  I crawled back into my bed as if nothing had happened. 
 And he disappeared just as he had appeared…suddenly, without a sound, as if he were never there at all. 
 Feeling as if I’d never been awake, I slept on believing that I had just had the most terrifying, yet gratifying dream ever.  

That was the last time I felt like myself.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

About Dark Form

Vala Diallo finds herself changing into someone that she doesn't understand after a late night visit from an unknown man.  In her attempt to suppress a strange new thirst for blood, she commits an unforgivable act. Now she must hide what she is from those closest to her...while also trying to control her new urges.

She's in a race against time desperately seeking a cure for her condition before she does the unthinkable once again. But there's someone out there who'll do anything it takes to make sure she doesn't succeed.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

News on Metallic Heart II...

Please Note:  Metallic Heart II is on hiatus for the time being.  I've unfortunately lost my motivation to continue it (but who knows...maybe I'll get reinspired one day.  I'm not giving up!)  Also, the Sims 3 doesn't run very smooth on my computer anymore, so it's a pain to play.  I really do hope to eventually finish this story.  If you'd like to see it continue...feel free to leave comments and feedback below!  Thanks and sorry to disappoint anyone!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Metallic Heart II - Chapter 26

 Dr. LB was finishing up dinner when I walked in the door that night. He was dressed in long john pajamas…which looked extra comical and awkward on him because he always seems so serious.
 “Hey there Leah. How was your day?”  He asked as he started toward the kitchen to put away his empty plate.
 “Fine,” I answered, not sure if he really wanted to know or if he was just asking to be polite.
 I sat down on one of the barstools and watched him place the leftover food in the food synthesizer.  The plates were sucked back up to wherever leftover food goes in this strange technologically advanced planet, where almost everything is automated.
 Dr. LB must have sensed that I had something on my mind…or maybe he just felt obligated to spend time with me, but he sat down on a stool next to me once he was done cleaning up the kitchen.

“What did you do today?”  He asked after we sat in silence for a few awkward moments.
 “I met a boy in town named Aaron… and he showed me around the wasteland.  We went to the crash site-” I started.

For some reason, that set Dr. LB on edge, “The crash site?  No Leah, promise that you will not be going back there!”  He insisted before I even had a chance to finish telling him about it.
 “Why not?”  His reaction had me curious.

“It’s a dangerous place!  The radiation exposure there is off the charts!”
 “Why wasn’t there any warning signs then?”  I asked; feeling that Dr. LB wasn’t exactly telling me the truth.

“Please do not challenge me on this Leah.”

“It was boring anyway,” I lied to appease; knowing that his reaction made me even more likely to return to uncover whatever it was that he didn’t want me to know about the place.  I dropped the subject for now.
 “Anything else?”  He asked as if we were in some sort of business meeting.

“I need to contact my mom.  You said that I could once I settled in,” I said.
 “Ah… about that, honestly Leah…I hoped that once you had been here for a period of time, you would forget about Lunar Lakes and everything there.”
 “She’s my mother.  Lunar Lakes is my home. I could never just forget,” My tone was defiant; indicating that I was insulted by his suggestion.  “I need to be in contact with her,” I insisted.
 “Not a good idea… not right now anyway,” He answered.

“Why not? Why does everything have to be on your terms?”

“Because I have the most at stake,” he said with a bit of finality in his tone.
 “What if I agree to be your heir?”  I asked; hoping that giving him what he wanted would lead to me getting what I asked for.
 “Just what I was hoping you would say!”  Dr. LB said; clapping his hands together in excitement.  
 “So, I can contact her then?”

“After you are tested and I see how quickly you learn the things that you have been assigned.”

“What?  What do you mean?” I asked frustrated that he was placing yet another hurdle between my bot mom and me.
 “There is a process to these things.  I cannot just pass my whole legacy to you without first determining if you are capable and more importantly…worthy.”

“Worthy!” I couldn’t believe that Dr. LB was holding contact with my mother hostage, while he determined whether or not I would become his heir.  Angered, I got up from my stool.
 “Why would you even bring me here if I’m not worthy?”  I asked as I walked away; feeling more insulted than I’ve ever been.  How dare he imply that I may not be worthy…as if me just being his daughter wasn’t enough, I thought to myself.
 “I did not mean to say that you are not worthy.  There are just a lot of things I would need to-”

Forget it, I’ll find another way!”  I interrupted without bothering to turn around.
 I couldn’t make it to the elevator fast enough.  I wanted to be as far away from my so-called father as possible.
 I didn’t know what to do.  I felt helpless and alone…with no way to contact the one person who was always there for me.  Just when I felt a mini panic attack coming on, I decided to take action.
 I would prove to Dr. LB that I was more than capable of being his heir.  He said that I was smart…well, I was about to show him just how smart.  I would hack into his accounts and find a way to contact my bot mom myself.
 I tried a few passwords, but found that his accounts were protected by a very sophisticated encryption system.
 It was almost like trying to translate a language I had never seen before, but I was determined…with one goal in mind.
 I would find a way to contact my mom, no matter the consequences…it didn’t even matter to me how Dr. LB would react if he found out what I was attempting to do.
 Every time I felt I was getting closer to cracking Dr. LB’s code, his encryption system totally changed the coding language on me.
 Before I knew it, I was back to the very first screen where I started…
 …then my whole computer system shut down, indicating that I would be locked out for 48 hours.  Dr. LB was indeed the smartest person I’d met; successfully building an encryption system that was virtually hack proof.  The only way I’d be able to crack it, would be to find some information in his office or lab to help me…
 The problem was… I didn’t even know where Dr. LB really worked.  I doubted that he would just tell me if I asked him.  I’d have to follow him to find out. But…I didn’t feel brave enough to try and follow him and find out where his real lab was.
 All I could do was get ready for bed and learn as much as I could during the days to come.
 As a small act of rebellion, I took my hair down from the “modern” style that Dr. LB insisted that I get when I first got here.
 If I was going to be forced to go through whatever he was going to put me through to deem me worthy, I was going to do it on my own terms…while being myself.
 I quickly took a shower; relieved to feel the cleaning waves envelope my scalp that was now free from the restrictive, headache inducing braids that supposedly helped me fit in around here.
The only thing left to do after that was to go to bed and rely on my dreams to bring me closer to feeling like I was back home in Lunar Lakes.

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