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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Dark Form - Chapter 9

 Things were bad, very bad. 
 I entered my apartment, knowing that it would only get worse if I didn’t figure out a way to quell the darkness.  But I had no idea where to even begin. 
 I stared down at my hands…reliving the moment when they held the rat.  I could almost feel the fur and the scared animal’s trembling body once again.
 And then there was the blood – warm and thick as it slid down my throat. 
 I instantly felt nauseous, but it was only mental.  My physical body had no reaction to the rat’s blood that now rested in my stomach. I dry heaved a few times, but it was all in vain.  
 I needed sleep.  Sleep would be my only escape. I walked to my bedroom, hoping that it would not continue to elude me. 
 I laid down on the bed, fully dressed. Before too long…the sounds of the city and the night faded from my consciousness and I fell asleep.  
 I slept until the morning.
 I woke up right before the sun with the semblance of a plan.  I decided that I’d attempt to recreate some normalcy in my life…even if was just an illusion. I got up and got dressed just as I would on a normal work day. 
 I hadn’t yet decided if I’d actually try and go to work today.  I worked at a local agency as a low level community organizer…a job that sort of fell on my lap because of who my mother used to know.  It definitely wasn’t something that I was passionate about. 
 I knew that going to work would be tough.  There’s no way I’d be able to survive a day in a crowded office full of community workers and interns.  The sounds and smells would probably kill me.

I sat down at my computer and tried a new search instead.  I pulled up my search engine and typed in, “real life vampires”
 What I saw nearly dropped my jaw.  There were endless cases and stories of people who supposedly lived their life as vampires.  I scrolled through about twenty pages of search results, but there appeared to be a million more.

 Like any internet search… it can be hard to separate the fake stories from the real stuff, but eventually I found an article that fit exactly what I was looking for. 
 The site was from a medical blog and it described an illness called the Vampire Virus.

I sat there staring at the link for at least five minutes, afraid to click it. 
 Eventually, I did and began to read…

Sanguine Virus (also referred to as the Vampire Virus) a retrovirus transmitted by drinking the blood of someone else who is infected.  It multiplies 100x’s faster than cancer and creates new cells that destroy and rebuild the organs of the body. Symptoms begin in the stomach, which manifests as a severe increase in appetite. However, intense nausea follows after food is consumed.
 Without thinking I shut down my computer and slid back in my chair.  It took another moment before I realized that I was holding my breath the entire time I was reading.

I couldn’t believe what my eyes had just seen.  Actually, I could…and that’s what had me losing my shit. 
 A freaking virus…it sounded way too real and legit.  Worse yet…I’d experienced the symptoms that I’d just read.  It’s the reason why I couldn’t eat for days.  But how the hell…?  Then I remembered my so-called dream. Did I actually drink the blood of a real life vampire?
 I felt like I was reading my own life in a novel.  I didn’t know what to do, so I stepped out to my balcony.  I didn’t want to believe any of it. 
 Outside…my usual place of refuge.  The place I’d go to clear my head or come up with a new idea.  I stood there trying to ingest it all, but it was like reliving my experience with the rat all over again. I could feel my throat constricting, attempting to reject and shut out everything I knew to be true. 
 At least that’s what I thought was causing it… 
 Then, I suddenly started to feel hot.  Too hot…abnormally hot. 
 The pain started slowly…like how it takes a while for water to heat up in a pot.  Then, also like water… it became a rolling boil.  My skin was on fire…literally.  I could feel each and every cell of my epidermis heating up. 
 It felt like I had been buried in a bed of hot coals.
 Searing, ripping...the pain was so intense that it took me a while to figure out what was causing it.  
 I was like a frog who sits in a pot of water too long before it realizes that it’s about to be cooked alive. 
 Then I figured it out.  It was the sun.  I didn’t start burning until I stepped out into the sun.  I fanned at the tiny flames that were beginning to pop up from my skin…but that only made it worse. 
 My fight or flight responses finally kicked in and I hurried back inside.  The pain stopped instantly, but was replaced by breath snatching, deep sobs.
 I stood there realizing that everything was slowly being taken away from me.  Everything!  First food, my friendly relationships, and now my love for the outdoors. Finding an answer was no longer just a need…
 …it was now life or death, because I knew I could not go on living this way.
 I went back to my computer to continue my research. I went to my search history and found the website that I was reading earlier.  I continued reading…

The virus then begins to take over the rest of the organs, including the epidermis, which becomes overly sensitive to the sun. In the first few weeks after the initial transformation…a person with the virus can actually hear and smell blood going through the veins of other human beings (similar to the way a newborn baby is drawn to its mother’s milk in the beginning of its life). Contrary to popular lore…someone with the vampire virus is not undead although their life span is much longer than someone without the virus. A person with the virus can live…. (article goes on and on)  

Friday, August 4, 2017

Dark Form - Chapter 8

 My encounter with Dray left me tired and tense, but sleep felt like a distant friend. I knew it wouldn’t come easy that night.
 Hoping that some fresh air would help…I decided to get out of the house. But I didn’t want anyone…especially Dray or Lizzie to recognize me, so I searched the bottom of my dresser drawers for some old baggy clothes left by an ex boyfriend and slipped them on. 
 Before walking out the door, I grabbed a pair of earbuds, plugged them into my phone and turned my music up loud.  I wanted to take a walk without worrying about hearing anyone’s pulse.

I took the elevator down and began walking down the street.
 At first, I was pleased.  I was free from the whooshing sound of blood moving through the veins of passersby.  
 I felt a bit of hope…thinking that I could actually figure out a way to survive until I discovered what was wrong with me. I turned up the powerful voice of Bonnie Tyler and began singing along, “♫ TURN AROUND Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never coming round. TURN AROUND Every now and then I get a little bit tired of listening to the sound of my tears ♪.”1
 But it was short lived.  It didn’t take me long to realize that there was another problem that I had to face.
 The scent of blood was everywhere…I couldn’t escape it.  I could smell every cut, bleeding gums and nose bleeds as they were about to happen…
 …even the menstrual blood of any woman that I passed by. I could almost taste it. Part of me longed for it…coveted it with every sense of my being. 
 Luckily a bigger part of me was repulsed by it. I began to walk faster to get away from everybody.  It’s the only thing I could do to remain in control and keep the sensible part of me intact. 
 I walked towards the waterfront, which was usually empty at this time of night. But another dilemma slapped me in the face.   
 I could also smell the blood of animals.  There was a big rat scurrying around near an old building.  
 I was normally afraid of rats, but I found myself walking towards it.  
 Before I could get too close, it ran into a small crack in the foundation of the building. 
 Relieved, I continued walking past the spot and towards the river…wondering what the hell I was planning to do with a rat in the first place. 
 Before I could get away…the rat crawled back out, but it wasn’t alone. There were two rats now…so the scent was stronger than ever. 
 I could feel the darkness begin to push its way out.  It was thirsty and it would be hard to stop it this time. 
 I did my best to concentrate on Bonnie.  I began to sing at the top of my lungs…” ♬ Once upon a time there was light in my life now there's only love in the dark. Nothing I can say, a total eclipse of the heart. ♪ ”
 As Bonnie was reaching the end of her song, I was losing control to the thirst. But I refused to give up…I kept singing ”♬ Nothing I can do, a total eclipse of the heaaaaaart!1 But it didn’t work…I couldn’t stop it. 
 The darkness pushed my consciousness aside effortlessly. The last few words of the song came out in a deep, dark growl, ”…total eclipse of the heart.”
 I started walking back towards the rat…slowly.
 Every time it turned its attention away from me…I took a step.  It was the only way I’d be able to sneak up on it. 
 At the last minute…I almost regained control.  I paused, telling myself that there was no way I was going to touch this rat. 
 But then the rat became comfortable enough to climb up on my shoe.
 Before I could stop myself…the rat was in my hand.  I could feel its tiny heart beating rapidly against my skin.  I could almost feel its blood rushing around. The rat squeaked and tried to escape…but it was no match for my hunger.

New lyrics came through my earbuds and bounced around in my head… “I can see a new horizon…that will keep me realizin‘- You're the biggest part of me.” 2
 I brought the rat up towards my mouth and my teeth pierced its skin.  The squirming became desperate as it screeched in pain. 

I began to suck…and slowly the rat’s movement slowed until it stopped.  The blood was warm and soothing as it went down. It coated the raw parts of my throat that went without for so long. I was determined to drink until I’d swallowed every ounce of blood. I could feel bits of the rat’s fur sticking to my tongue and the roof of my mouth. 
 I was repulsed, but too thirsty to stop. The whole thing felt like an out of body experience. Like I was watching myself do something that I wanted desperately to stop, but it dominated my senses. I couldn’t even concentrate enough to hear what was playing through my earbuds now. 
 Eventually, the rat’s blood was drained.  I dropped the empty carcass on the ground. 

The darkness was satisfied for now…
 But I was traumatized.  I began to run away.
 But I only got so far before I realized that I couldn’t escape what I was running from… because I was running from myself. 
 I passed the lady once again on the street. Despite myself, I knew that if the rat’s warm blood made me feel slightly satisfied for the moment…this lady’s blood would be even warmer and marvelously filling.  
  I was almost screaming internally as I hurried back to my building.  I once again tried concentrating on my music…
 “And I'll be a servant to you, For the rest of my life. You're the biggest part of me.” 2

The music didn’t help at all.

Song credits…
1 Total Eclipse of the Heart, lyrics by James Richard Steinman, performed by Bonnie Tyler
2 You’re the Biggest Part of Me, lyrics by David Robert Pack, performed by Ambrosia

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