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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

About Metallic Heart

Unknown to us here on Earth, a secret project was started a few years back on the moon.  A group of humanoid simbots were sent to an area of the moon called Lunar Lakes, where they were programed to build up a new society and test whether Lunar Lakes was habitable for humans.

Once it was determined that plants and animals could in fact thrive in Lunar Lakes, the first group of humans were sent there.  However, their arrival was less than welcomed by the simbots, who felt that humans would only serve as destructive forces to their society.  The humans have since been ostracized and forced to live in poverty at the edges of society.

It's up to a brave simbot named Ardis Bot 176 to show her humanoid peers that the humans can have a place in their world, but her courage comes at a cost.  Her career, her marriage and her very life is in danger in her fight for a better way of life for Lunar Lake's human population.



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