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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Metallic Heart - Prologue

Our world was the result of an experiment.  The Earth was being destroyed at an alarming rate due to global warming, changes in weather, war and other catastrophic events…
Scientists discovered that although most of the moon has very little gravity, making life here impossible…there was one small area where a strange Earth-like gravity pull existed.  No one knows why it exists only in this small area of land, but it does.
 Scientists decided to name this area Lunar Lakes. Our creators built us, sent us here and provided us with basic human luxuries; cars, computers, and modern furniture.
 We were sent here to determine whether life on the moon was possible.  We look human, but we are not. 
Where you have a heart, our chests are filled with motors and gears. Where you have a brain, we have microchips and memory cards. While you experience feelings and emotions, we fake human feelings and emotions through artificial intelligence more advanced than you could even imagine. 
 We have been equipped with microchips preprogrammed with millions of human reactions, affections and micro expressions.  We react to our environment and are as close to human as a human creator could come.
 While you enjoy fine human delicacies, we eat scrap metal.  You rely on computers, we are computers.
 Basically, we are robots who get to live as humans, but with a few perks.
 By the way, my name is Ardis Bot 176 and I have been joined with Chas Bot 176.  We were made to be a couple.  In fact, we were created together.  We were supposed to fit together like a puzzle, never to be separated.
 I am not really supposed to be making contact with you…you see, this experiment is supposed to remain a secret to those of you who live on Earth.  But I chose to connect with your world.
 Through the internet I actively searched for a way to connect, because I felt that our story needed to be told. 
 Maybe if the story gets out, humans on Earth can help to rescue us…
 …from ourselves.
 What do I mean?  Once we simbots were able to build up a society here and successfully determined that Lunar Lakes was habitable by humans, the first humans arrived.
 However, no one considered how we simbots would react to this invasion.  We built up a new society that was well established, but was then expected to allow these new people a place among us.
 Instead of embracing the humans, we simbots felt that these mortals were a threat to our society.  Their ability to reproduce was seen as a spreading virus that we bots have been determined to control.  Rather than allow them to live among us, they have been forced into poverty; some of them are even homeless. 
 For a long time, I too felt as my fellow simbots about the new human population.  I too participated in their abuse and oppression.
 But I have had a change of heart.  I seek to help them and I decided to start by making you Earth humans aware of their plight. I have been in this alone…
 and I need your help.



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