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Monday, August 20, 2012

Metallic Heart - Chapter 25

 Although my visit with the humans was insightful, it did nothing to bring me any closer to finding President Aron’s killer.  I realized that as I walked into his office, my new office, the next morning.
 As I walked toward the desk, I recalled the way President Aron was sitting on the edge of his desk.  He was sitting there as if he were speaking to someone who was sitting in a chair; someone he was very familiar and friendly with.  There is no way that could have been a human.
 In my time working for President Aron, I have never seen him speak casually to anyone, not even his own bot mate.  Who could have visited the president and possibly killed him?
 I decided to call Mia into the office to find out if she might know a little more about who the president may have developed a close relationship with.
 “How are you holding up?”  I asked when she walked in.

“I cannot believe that he is gone.  I keep expecting to get a phone call from him, demanding that I get to work early.”

 “Yes, me too,” I say sighing.  “Please have a seat for a moment.”
 Mia sat down as instructed. 

I continued, “ As
you may know, I have taken it upon myself to investigate the nature of the president’s murder.”
 “Good, because from what I understand, the police have gotten absolutely no where.”

“Yes, they still insist that the murderer is a human.”

 “What?  And you do not think so?  I mean given the human’s inferior intelligence, I know it seems impossible, but there is no way that a bot would have done this.”  Mia insisted.
 Mia continued,” I mean what would a bot have to gain by murdering the president?”

I could see that Mia’s system was feeding her a lot of emotional responses.  I gave her a few moments to calm down.

 Finally, I continued,” Mia did you happen to notice the way that the president was sitting at the edge of his desk…as if he were casually talking to someone.”

“Yes, but what does that have to do with anything?”

 “Has he ever sat down casually while addressing you?  Or even Priscilla?”

“He had to have been talking to someone that he had developed a fairly close
relationship with.  Can you think of who that could have been?”
 “Well…maybe Amira.  With her being the head of the military, they had to meet often to discuss military strategies…but their meetings were very formal, at least in front of me.”
 Amira definitely has motive, but I do not think that she is who we are looking for.  She hated President Aron so much after his press conference, that I think she would actually admit it if she had killed him.  Can you think of anyone else?”

“The only other person I can think of is
 Lily?”  I said very surprised to hear her name.  “What was the nature of their relationship?”
 “Well, Lily often acted as a liaison, representing the Science department.  I mean, you saw how angry Chas became that time he and president Aron met.  Sometimes Chas would send Lily to represent him and the rest of the science team instead of showing up himself.”
 I thought about that for a minute.  I had no idea that Lily had been meeting with President Aron.  I wondered why I was not aware of the meetings.  “Thank you Mia.  You can go now,” I said distracted by this new information.
 Although this was a pretty good lead, there was no way that I could accuse Lily of anything without confirming that she was the most likely suspect.
 There was one other person that I could think of who would know a lot about President Aron and his close relationships.
 I decided to question his bot mate Priscilla…
…and I knew just where to find her.



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