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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Moonlight Visions - Chapter 12

I was just sitting there…watching, when something unexpected happened.
I had a vision, a strong, unexpected frightening one.  A vision that made me gasp out loud, but that was not the unexpected part…
When I gasped, Robert gasped too.  I don’t know if he heard me or if he picked up like I did that something was wrong…
Someone was at the door…someone that was very, very dangerous.
She stood at the door; eyes glowing, brown skin pale.  My vision of her gave me the same sick feeling that my brief encounter with Dante at the consignment shop had given me.  I could almost smell the metallic blood on her lips.
Robert calmed when he realized that the doorbell had rung.
He began to walk to the door.  I automatically reached out, as if to stop him.  “Don’t answer that door,” I said, but my voice was not audible; only an echo inside my head.
Robert answered the door, but did not react the way I had expected.
“Hey, Detective Pok…what brings you by?”  He asked calmly in a familiar tone, without a touch of fear in his voice. 
“I’m here to deliver a bit of bad news. The suspect that you located…well we can’t keep him.”

“Why not?”  Robert asked; voice full of anger.  “The evidence was rock solid…he killed those people and you know it.”

“I’m sorry Robert.  The evidence was tainted…the law is the law.  I’ll see you at work tomorrow.”  Janet said before walking away.
Although I could not see him or the look of satisfaction on Janet’s face as she left…
I knew that Robert was not happy with the news and that something was not quite right with the whole situation.
There was no way for me to let him know that, so I remained a silent observer.  Robert entered the bed room and I busied myself with a drink from the refrigerator.
I could hear Robert rustling around in the bedroom; sounding like he was changing clothes.  I guessed that he was getting ready to meet the person that he had spoken to earlier.
I returned to the living room and sat in the rocking chair and waited.  If he was leaving the house, I was going with him. 
He returned from the room looking cleaned up and ready for a night out.
He pulled out his cell phone and began to dial.
“Annie?”  he said, “It’s me…I’m on my way.”
Annie said a few words on her end, before Robert ended the call.  The worried look returned.
I was outside and down the stairs before him.  I had no idea where he was going, but if I had any hope of eventually removing him from my house, I had to know who he was. 
The best way to figure that out was to observe and go where he went.
My only hesitation was a memory from another strange man at the consignment shop.  The man named Argus who warned me to stay in the house during the full moon…
Tonight the moon was as full as it could get.



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