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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Moonlight Visions - Chapter 13

 When you remove the fear of death from a soul…the soul cannot be controlled by fear.  Robert was on his bike and down the street in the blink of an eye…
 …and I was right behind him on my broom just as quickly; Argus’ warning leaving my consciousness as fast as it had entered.
 Watching him on his bike, Robert struck me as person also not governed by fear. 
 He sped through the streets with such a reckless precision, that I struggled to keep up with him.  It seemed as if he had been dangerously defying death for a very long time.
 Robert may not have noticed…but I was all too aware of weirdness occurring on that night.
 Some of Moonlight Fall’s supernatural residents took to the streets, creating a hollow's eve-like atmosphere.
 Even the regular residents seemed to behave strangely.  Some of them just stood still in the streets as if governed by some unseen force or presence.
 Was this what Argus’ was warning me about?
 Robert finally arrived at his location.  He parked his bike and hopped off.
 He entered a small bar.
 He did not greet anyone, so I reasoned that the person he was meeting had not made it yet.
 As the bar began to fill with what could only be described as creatures of the night, or in this case, creatures of the full moon…
 …Robert sat at the bar, totally oblivious.
 I sat in a corner to watch.  Robert was on his second drink before a car pulled up outside of the bar.
 Hearing the car, he turned and followed the sound of the approaching vehicle.
 Like a proper gentlemen, he headed out to greet the lady who stepped out of the car.
She stood at the curb, not giving even the slightest impression that she intended on actually entering the bar.



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