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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Moonlight Visions - Chapter 25

 Robert stood there staring, and for a moment I thought he was looking at me.
 I wanted so badly for him to see me.  Instead, he turned and walked toward the master bedroom.
 The next morning, he was up as usual.  But things were different for me.  
 He was sitting there half dressed and I felt that I was violating him by staring, but I couldn’t turn away.  I didn’t want to turn away.
 He continued working on his computer and I was desperate to get his attention.  A glance, a shiver or even a small sign of fear would have been better than being ignored.
 I sat down across from him with a drink from the refrigerator.  My legs were no more than a foot and a half away from his.  I was too aware of that.
 He had no clue.
 I finished my morning routine, hoping that he’d hear me like Leeann did.  He didn’t.  He stood up to leave for work.
I helplessly watched him walk to his carpool.
When the carpool pulled off, I retreated to the basement and studied a few new alchemy spells.
Only my thoughts were not with it.  My thoughts were with him.
It was time to return to the caravan. 
News had gotten out about what we had done for Marsha Healy.  Doreen told me that we now had client appointments booked weeks ahead of time.
All of these new clients were looking to get some type of closure for some of the mysterious deaths that had occurred here in Moonlight Falls over time.  In their minds, Doreen was the only one who could give them that closure.
It was around this time that that Robert began to develop an independent case at the police department. 
Just like our new clients at the caravan, Robert was also looking for closure to an unsolved murder and decided to reopen a case behind his boss’ back.
Although he kept it secret, his boss Janet still found out about it.  As he was getting closer and closer to finding out more about the case of the girl who supposedly died from an animal bite…
Janet did not like it.  She decided to stop him…
And he became a target…only she couldn’t kill him outright.  She had to figure out another way to get him.



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