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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Moonlight Visions - Chapter 48

 After talking to Robert once again in the realm, I knew he wasn’t ready to face the truth about Elaina.  It confirmed that I would have to stop her on my own.  I figured the way to do that was to find out more about the plight of the vampires.  I decided to ask Doreen about them the next morning.
I was thrilled when I entered the caravan and saw not only Doreen, but also Helen.  Between the two of them, I knew that I’d get all the information I needed. 
 I sat down in the chair across from Doreen.  “I’m glad you’re both here.  I once again need help,” I said.

“Not another fake reading I hope!”  Doreen said, not hiding her displeasure at the thought.
 “No…nothing like that.  What do you know about Janet Pok.”

Doreen and Helen gave each other knowing looks.  I had the impression that they both knew a lot about Robert’s boss.  
 “What do you need to know hon?”  Helen asked in her familiar, kind and understanding tone.
 “Who is she? When did she move here and what were the circumstances?”
 “Janet is a long time citizen of Moonlight Falls.  She’s the lead investigator within the police department.  She arrived here shortly after the Vampire Round-up and was one of the first vampires to fully integrate into our society,” Doreen began.
“Yeah, she even married a human. She actually has a lot of power in town, particular among the other vampires,” Helen added.
“So what is this Vampire Round-up you mention?”

“I don’t really know all the details-” Doreen started. 
 “I do.”  Helen said with emphasis, “It was a dark time for vampires.  They were being persecuted, hunted down and killed by the dozens.  A handful of them escaped to Moonlight Falls, led by Janet.”
 Helen continued, “The citizens of Moonlight Falls promised to protect them, but only if they signed an agreement.  According to the agreement, vampires of Moonlight Falls can feed on humans with the human’s consent, but cannot kill them.  If they purposely kill a human, the agreement is voided and once again, the vampires here would be in danger of being captured and killed.”
“They also cannot change a human into a vampire without that human’s written consent.  Any human wishing to be turned into a vampire, must register with city hall,” Doreen added.

That explained why Janet kept pressing Elaina to get Robert’s consent.  “Why were the vampires being hunted down in the first place?”  I asked.
“The vampire race has a sordid history of violence. They were being killed because they were vicious killers themselves. A group of humans grew tired of the violence and organized themselves; training vampire hunters world wide, whose whole purpose was to eliminate the vampires.  Thanks to Janet, the vampires here discovered a different, non-violent way of life.  Janet made sure to enforce their new lifestyle by becoming a police officer.”
I allowed it all to soak in, but I still had one question that was unanswered.  “How come some vampires like Janet can be out in the daylight?”  I asked.

“You don’t know?”  Doreen asked as if it were obvious.  “Alchemy.  Janet has a lot of connections.  She has an alchemist on payroll who makes a special sunscreen that allows her to be out at any time.”
“Alchemy?”  I said to myself out loud.  If alchemy could allow a vampire to walk around in the daylight, I wondered what else it could do.  I needed time to found out.  “Doreen, I need some time off.  I have a few things that I need to take care of.”  For their safety, I didn’t want to give them details of what I was planning.

Doreen stood up, “I guess this is goodbye then,” she said with a touch of finality in her voice.  “I hate to see you go, but it’s not like I didn’t see this time coming.”
I stood up in front of her.  “Don’t look so sad…it’s not goodbye forever,” I said, wondering if Doreen was confused by my need for a few days off.
“I think it is,” Doreen said,  “I can see you completing your mission soon.” 

Helen nodded slightly in agreement.
“Yeah…but, then I can come back and continuing helping you contact spirits,” I said, realizing that I was the one that was confused.
Doreen and Helen once again exchanged a knowing look and I felt as if I was left out of some sort of silent conversation.
 Helen walked over and pulled me into an embrace.  “You don’t understand honey.  Once you complete what you are here to do, there’s a good chance that you’ll cross over,” she said quietly into my ear.
“Crossover?” I asked with a smile on my face still not fully realizing what she meant. 

“Yes,” Helen said.  The look on Doreen’s face also confirmed what Helen was telling me.
“But I’ll just be in the spiritual realm, right?  I could visit you all while you sleep,” I said hopeful.
“No dear.  The spiritual realm is sort of a transitional place between the living world and the unknown.  A spirit who crosses over can no longer visit the realm.  No one knows exactly where they go because…well…they cannot return to tell anyone.”

I thought about Helen’s words for a few moments.  “Thank you both,” I said before walking out the door.
Helen and Doreen stood there for a few more moments.  “You think this has something to do with that dead girl?”  Helen asked after they thought I was out of earshot.

Desirae Healy?”  Doreen asked rhetorically,  “Yes… if Desirae was really killed by a vampire, then Janet would do anything to hide the truth.”
 “Yeah and it looks like Josephina is willing to do anything to save Robert,” Helen added.

“Do you think she can do it?”  Doreen asked.
“May God protect us from the vampires if she doesn’t.”



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