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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Moonlight Visions - Chapter 59

 I was in the realm, but instead of Robert, I was there facing Desirae Healy. 

“Hi!”  I said, surprised.
 “I don’t know what happened,” she said.  “One minute I was watching momma drink her morning tea and the next thing I know I was pulled here.”

“Me too,” I said.
 “What’s happening?”  She asked, although I think down in her soul, she knew, just as I did.

“It’s time,” I whispered.
 “Oh,” she said, her tone knowing, just as I suspected.
 Suddenly Robert was there.  
 “Who is he?”  Desirae asked.

“He’s the one that brought your killer to justice,” I answered, glad that she would know since Robert sacrificed so much to get his job done.
 “Thank you!”  Desirae said.

“You’re welcome, but I was just doing my job,”  Robert said modestly.
“You made momma happy.  She couldn’t contain herself when she found out that Dante had been arrested.”
“I just couldn’t let him get away with doing such a horrible thing to you.”

Desirae smiled in gratitude.  “I didn’t think anyone cared,” she whispered.
“I did.”

“Can you keep an eye on momma?” Desirae asked.

“Of course!”  Robert answered quickly.
Desirae turned away from Robert, satisfied.  “I’m ready,” she said as if I had some control over what would happen next.
 “What will it feel like?”  Desirae asked, obviously seeing me as some sort of guide, which I guess I was.
 “I wish I knew”, I answered honestly.

Suddenly Desirae’s body was encased in a bright light.  She was lifted from the ground until the light completely concealed her.  She had a big smile on her face…
…Until she disappeared.  Desirae’s spirit had finally crossed over and Robert and I both knew that I was next.
Although we didn’t know how much time we had left, we both hesitated to say goodbye.
 “I never thanked you,” Robert started first.

“I was just doing my job,” I said copying the words he had used just moments ago with Desirae.
“Of course…I’m grateful for you saving me from a life of…who knows-” He started avoiding my eyes…
“But…I’m thanking you for loving me,” he finished; his voice breaking and his eyes filling with tears.
“I couldn’t help that,” I answered. 

He turned his head to compose himself and stop the tears from falling.  He sighed; his voice full of the emotion that he was trying to hold back.
 Robert leaned over to kiss me, but I stepped back. 

“Robert, no.  It’ll only make it harder,” I said.
I knew that it wasn’t what he wanted to hear, but I could tell that he understood and that he knew I was right.
“Will I ever see you again?”  He asked.
“I believe so Robert…I truly do,” I started…
“But only when the time is right,” I finished emphasizing the last word, so that he wouldn’t get any strange ideas in his head.
 “OK,” he said, understanding completely the meaning behind my words.  “But it’ll be hard living without you,” he added. 

Now my eyes were tearing up.
Then it was my turn.  I felt my spirit being pulled into the air.  I resisted for as long as I could…just so I could get one last word out, “Goodbye Robert,” I managed to say.
Robert didn’t respond.  I don’t think he could without crying.

I gave in and allowed my spirit to be carried away from his.
I instantly felt an intense joy as my eyes were drawn upward.  I knew where I was going.  In fact, I felt like I suddenly knew everything.
I caught one last glimpse of Robert and I could see the sorrow and the tears.  I would have given anything to pass some of my joy to him.  But, I knew he would feel it when it was his time.
But for now, it was my time and I reveled in the feeling of it as I was lifted upward. 
Then I completely disappeared…
And it was Robert’s turn to be left alone in the realm.



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