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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Metallic Heart II - Chapter 8

 “Is that what I think it is?”  Was the first thing out of my mouth when I stepped into the garage.
 Before me was a spaceship about the size of an SUV.  It looked as if it could hold one person with room for some cargo.
 “You are looking at Lunar Lake’s first personalized rocket, the PR1, and hopefully a way to allow travel to earth,” Dr. Su said; not hiding the pride on his face.
 “Is it ready…I mean is it complete?  Could someone actually…go to earth?”
 “Well…it’s still in the beta stages.  It would require a lot of testing and we’re not yet 100% sure that it would make it off of the moon, not to mention making it all the way to earth.”
 “Who will test it?”  I asked, hoping that the awe in my voice did give away the motive behind the question.
 “We don’t know yet. The person would have to endure a lot of training to even qualify. I-”

“I want to do it,” I interrupted.
 “You?  There’s no way we would send a minor to earth alone.”

“Even if I was fully trained?”
 “There’s no way.  It would take years and years for you to have the right sort of training.  The beta tester would most likely be a bot…maybe a bot from the Lunar Lakes military.”

I felt my heart and stomach drop as my hopes crashed before me.
 Dr. Su picked up right away on the hurt that I was feeling and did his best to ease it.  “You may not be able to beta test the rocket, but I don’t see why you can’t learn as much as possible about it while you’re here.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one taking over the creation of it as it evolves into future generations.”

I couldn’t help but smile at the possibility of being involved with the rocket in any way I could.  “I’d like that,” I answered.
 “Is it complicated to operate?” 

“No, not at all.  One simply puts in the coordinates of where they want to go and the rocket does the rest.”
 “So anyone could operate it then?”

Dr. Su finally followed my line of questioning,  “Yes, but…I’m sorry Leah…if something were to go wrong...”

 “I know…it’s just…why not allow everyone in Lunar Lakes to be trained on how to operate it?  We’ve all been here so long…why not allow everyone a chance to possibly see earth?”
 “You said it yourself…you just put in coordinates, right?”
 “I guess there would be no harm in that.  Perhaps once the PR1 is beta tested…by a bot, we could train everyone.”
 “See, I knew you’d make a great asset to the labs Leah.  I will run your suggestions by Dr. LB on earth and your mom of course…and maybe we could get started on training everyone.  Noella and I could possibly even teach a training course at the high school for the students.”

“Yes! That would be great.”  I couldn’t help but smile…my biggest dream had been given new life.
 “I’ll start the process rolling, but for now, allow me to give you tour of the rest of the lab.”  Dr. Su said as he walked toward the doors; leaving the garage.
 I felt stuck there in my spot.  I had successfully opened Dr. Su’s mind to the possibility of extending earth travel to everyone in the community…
 But the truth was…I had a deep rooted need to be the one chosen to visit the earth.  Although I had my mom…still, she’s a bot and I had no true family here on the moon.  And I knew it was a longshot, but maybe I could find other members of my biological mother’s family.
 I had to get to earth…

“Come now Leah, let me show you where we experiment with hybrid plant species.”

I turned to follow Dr. Su, but now that I had seen the rocket, I had no interest in anything else.
I now had a new mission in life.



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