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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Metallic Heart II - Chapter 10

 It was over 8 months before the PR1 was ready for a test flight.
 During that time, the chosen pilot – Amira Bot 707 was fully trained on the operation and maintenance of the craft.
 Dr. Su and Noella had to be extremely careful with her training, because there was a lot riding on the initial test flight.
 If something went wrong, it would be years before another craft could be created.
 Lucky for me, Dr. Su allowed me to be present for almost all of the training sessions.
 Before it was all over, I gained a lot of knowledge of the craft and its operation.
 Of course, with me being a minor…there was some information that I was still not privy to, because it was top secret classified.
 But I believed that I knew enough to be a back-up pilot if anything happened that wouldn’t allow Amira to complete the task of being the test pilot.
 Every once in a while, I still tested the waters and implied to Dr. Su that I’d love to play a bigger part in actually testing the rocket out…
 But his attitude about it still hadn’t changed.  As if he wasn’t confident in he and Noella’s ability to create a simple to operate, safe craft; he tried to convince me that I wasn’t qualified because of my age, lack of military experience and the fact that I’m human.
 Despite his objections to letting me fly…he allowed me to be there during the first test flight.
 Amira’s task during this first trial was to simply fly 40,000 feet off the surface of the moon.
 This 1st flight was kept secret, so as not to draw a large crowd in case something went wrong.  Dr. Su chose to test it in the middle of the day when most of Lunar Lake’s citizens were at work or school and very few eyes would witness the craft taking off.
 However, I was allowed to stay home from school, so that I could witness this momentous occasion alongside Noella and Dr. Su; as if I were an official part of the team.
 Although I was honored to be there, witnessing the whole thing only made me yearn for a chance to visit Earth even more.
 We all held our breath as the small craft slowly rose above our heads.
 Amira applied the altitude control slowly just as instructed.
 Before we knew it, the PR1 was climbing up over most of the Lunar Lakes buildings.
 Amira gave us a thumbs up to indicate that everything seemed to be operating as it should.
 Just then, she increased the speed and before we knew it, she was gone.
 “Yes!” I yelled out unable to contain my joy.

“We did it,” Dr. Su said sounding just as excited.

Only Noella was able to be the voice of reason, “We can not celebrate until the PR1 is safety back on the ground.”  But looking at her face, I could tell that she was excited too.
 It wasn’t very long before we were able to confirm that the test flight was a success. Within half an hour, the PR1 reappeared and slowly began it’s decent back to where we all stood waiting.
We had done it…or I should say that Noella, Dr. Su and Amira had done it.  The 1st flight of the PR1 was a success.  Now it was time to announce it to the rest of the Lunar Lakes community.



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