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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Metallic Heart II - Chapter 12

 A few weeks after my conversation with Dr. Su in the classroom, I was asked to accompany mom to a meeting with him in her office at his request…

“Good morning President Ardis, thank you for agreeing to see me,”Dr. Su said, getting the formalities out of the way.

“My pleasure as always Dr. Su.”
 “Miss Leah,” Dr. Su said; nodding his head in greeting.

“Good morning sir,” I responded with the highest respect possible; wondering why he requested that I be present for this meeting.
 “Please have a seat,” mom offered to Dr. Su.

He sat down and cleared his throat once before revealing to us the purpose of the meeting.
 “As you well know President Ardis…I’ve been in talks with Dr. LB regarding the PR1.”

“Yes, Dr. Su, I am well aware.  And how has it been going?”
 “Well, he has made his final decision on who he would like to fly back to Earth.”
 “OK…great.  Did he decide on a bot or a human?”

I involuntarily held my breath waiting for his answer.
 “He has chosen a human…in fact, I won’t beat around the bush…he has announced that he would like Leah to fly the PR1 to Earth.”
 “Leah?!  But she is not of age.”  My mom answered; obviously surprised to hear my name, but not nearly as shocked as I was.
 We all sat for a few brief moments to allow it to soak in.

“Why Leah?”  My mom finally asked.
 “I think you know why,” Dr. Su answered.  “Have you told her yet?”  He continued before mom had a chance to respond.

I sat there, my heart beating rapidly, wondering what it was that caused Dr. LB to choose me…an under aged teen out of everyone in Lunar Lakes to fly back to Earth.
 My mom seemed to be speechless; as if her processing system couldn’t come up with a response fast enough.  “No,” was all she managed to say; stumbling over that one word.
 “Well, with all due respect President Ardis…maybe that is my cue to excuse myself.  It seems like it may be time for you and Leah to have a talk.  Dr. LB has made his decision.”
 I wanted to be happy.  My dream was coming true…but I had a feeling that I wouldn’t like the reasons behind the decision.  My mom obviously didn’t like it.
 “So it is final then,” mom let out a heavy sigh before continuing,  “Dr. LB is set on us sending Leah to Earth.”

I didn’t know whole lot about Dr. LB, but I did know that he was in charge of the entire project that landed the first bots and later the humans here on the moon.  As a result, he was the final authority on any decisions that effected us here in Lunar Lakes.

 Dr. Su stood up, “I am afraid so Madam President.  Tell her…” he urged; his tone forceful, yet somehow still respectful.
 “I guess I have no choice,” mom said; her processed thoughts seemed a little distant.

Dr. Su appeared satisfied that he had completed his mission.  “I will see myself out then,” he said.
 I was worried and curious all at the same time.  What was it that she didn’t want to tell me?  
 “What is it mom?”  I finally asked; finding my voice for the first time since the whole conversation started.  Mom watched Dr. Su until he was completely out of the office before she turned to me in response.
 “It is about your father…” she started in a calm nurturing tone…as if she wanted to protect me from something.

“My father?”  Crazy enough, I’d never given the possibility of me having a father any thought.  Of course I knew I had to have one, but I never thought about it beyond that.
 “Your father lives on Earth.”

“But how is that possible?”  I asked calculating in my head the time since the rocket crashed here in Lunar Lakes with the one and only group of humans on it, to the time I was born.  There were years between those two events…way longer than 9 months.

 “When your mother, Dr. Su and the other humans were sent here, Dr. LB sent something else with them to help ensure that the population of Lunar Lakes would grow no matter what.”

“What was that?” I asked leaning in.
 Frozen sperm…”

“What?”  I didn’t quite get what my mom was getting at, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear it, so I remained silent waiting for her to clarify.
 “Years after your mother arrived here, she was artificially inseminated and it resulted in a pregnancy…you. Once Chas, when he was still head of the science department back before he was reprogrammed, discovered that the frozen sperm could actually successfully create a child, he hid it all away and kept it under lock and key.”
 Mom allowed that to sink in before she continued, “Chas feared that if all of the female humans were able to get pregnant…even those without a partner…then the human population would quickly over power the bot population.  As a result of his paranoia…you were the only child conceived in this way.”

I stood up as if standing would allow me to process what mom was telling me better. “So I don’t have a real father?”
 “That is just the thing…you do have a father…a real father and he is responsible for us all being here.  Now he wants you to fly back to Earth…to be with him.  Your father is Dr. LB.”

It was too much…way too much to think about.  I was chosen to fly back to Earth…because my father wanted me back.
 Several emotions ran through me all at once and gathered all together in the pit of my stomach…leaving a massive knot of fear and confusion.  I was getting everything I once wanted…but for a reason that I wasn’t sure I wanted to deal with.  Feeling sick to my stomach…
 I ran out of mom’s office before it all came up onto her carpet.
My mom was left in her office alone; no doubt thinking the same thing that I was thinking.  If I flew to Earth to live with my biological father, a father that I had never met and had no interest in meeting…I might never see her again.



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