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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Metallic Heart II - Chapter 21

 As soon as I could, I left Dr. LB’s lab using my growling stomach as an excuse.  I knew that living with Dr. LB was going to be tough, but more and more it seemed that he was determined to turn me into who he wanted me to be with no interest in finding out who I really was.
 I would do what I had to do until I was able to contact mom again.  But at the moment, food was my only concern.
 Once again, I was faced with the task of getting food for myself in a kitchen with no refrigerator or stove.  I walked over to the only thing in the kitchen that looked like it could provide food. “So how do I get food around here?”  I said out loud.
 Suddenly a donut and a plate fell out of nowhere with a big splatter, just as a clear glass screen started to slide upward, allowing the juicy filling from inside the donut to splatter all over me.
 Luckily the filling was more wet than sticky, but it still felt disgusting…
 … and I was more than just slightly annoyed.  Why did things seem to be so difficult for me here on a planet where everything was designed to make life more simple?
 I found a sponge in Dr. LB’s almost barren kitchen and cleaned myself up.
 The donut wasn’t really what I had in mind for breakfast, but I was afraid to try for cereal or anything else that might prove to be even more messy.  There was no way I wanted to be cleaning scrambled eggs out of my hair.
 I sat down and stared at the donut in front of me.  Where did it come from?  It looked normal enough, but I wasn’t accustomed to donuts just appearing… or dropping already formed on a plate with no batter or fryer involved.
 I took a bite, silently hoping that the donut would taste a lot better than the sandwich that I barely choked down last night. I was pleasantly surprised!
 The donut was good… almost too good; full of sugary processed tastiness that made my taste buds happy for the first time since I arrived on Earth.
 But, it wasn’t long after taking my last bite that I felt the side effects of my sweet filled treat.  My stomach felt heavy and overly full as if I had just consumed lead or some of the scrap metal that my mom and the other bots on Lunar Lakes depended on for power.
 If I hope to survive on Earth, I’m gonna have to find a way to get decent food, I thought as I headed upstairs to check out the rest of my new dwelling.
 The view from the second floor was amazing.  Dr. LB’s big house was located right next to a large lake and was practically made of all glass for 360 degrees of beauty.
 I was standing there mesmerized by the beauty of Oasis Landing, when I began to hear a very faint whining sound… kind of like a baby’s cries.
 Dr. LB never mentioned a baby, so I began to search for the source of the sound.
 On the table there in the room were two brightly colored hologram-like creatures.  As I got closer to them, I realized that they were the ones making the sad sounds.
 I stared; unsure of what to do until the pink one began to speak, “help me,” it whined quietly in a voice so soft that I wouldn’t have heard it if I wasn’t listening carefully.
 I picked it up and got a closer look.  It was an unbelievably cute creature that was being projected from some sort of disk that fit right into the palm of my hand.  “Thank you,” it whispered when I held it close to me. 
 “What are you?”  I asked, “… some sort of virtual pet?”
 “I am a Sprite Mood Medium.  My name is Hassan, unless you want to rename me. I can be your Holo Pet or whatever you want me to be!”
 “A Holo Pet?  Mood Medium? I’ve never heard of those,” I admitted.

“You feed me, clean me and talk to me… and I will help increase your mood!” The sprite instructed.
 “Do you belong to Dr. LB?”  I asked.

“No,” The sprite quickly answered.  “I belong to you.  I am your new friend!  Just press the button on the right.”
 I pressed the button and the sprite disappeared for a moment, only to reappear next to my head… as if it were a parrot sitting on my shoulder.

“So… you said that I could rename you, right?”

I would love to have a new name!”
 I thought about a new name for a moment… then it came to me.  The perfect name to remind me of home…  “I will call you Luna!”  

“Luna!  Thank you!”

“Now, do you know where my bedroom is Luna?”
 Luna led me to the 3rd deck, explaining on the way that Dr. LB programmed her to be some sort of companion for me… someone to teach me more about life on Earth.
 “Just stick the holodisk in your pocket and whenever you need me, call my name and I will appear,” Luna explained.
 “Okay Luna.  I appreciate the help.  Maybe you can give me a tour of the rest of the house later,” I suggested.
 “Sure!  I would love too!”

“Go ahead and rest for now… talk to you later,” I said, right before pressing the button to make Luna disappear.
 I put the small disk away and took a look around my new bedroom.
 Besides a dream pod bed and a few pieces of furniture, there wasn’t much in the room.  It was like a blank canvas for me.  I relaxed on the bed for a while, trying to decide how I should spend the rest of my day…
… and thinking about all the things that I left behind back in Lunar Lakes to realize my dream of being here on Earth.  I decided that I had to do everything it took to make living here worth the sacrifice…



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